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Derun this winter, how can a busy word
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Production sales soared nonstop
Since the winter, all departments of the Leling Municipal Health Food Co., Derun are busy in the office building, almost invisible, can pull the staff to help the workshop. The workshop all the hype, overtime production, dry fruit class products in short supply, jujube juice sales blooming, showing a gratifying situation of both production and sales.
Red dates products workshop busy, workshop director Hu Dianjun said, it is not a tiny bit busy: since November after entering the production workers every day to work overtime, day and night their cooking, drying, packaging group is all through the night; time is also extended to the workers to work 12 hours a day, even if it did not order go out. Like Shandong hongjitang under the orders, in order to delivery on time in the workshop has been sent to stare at. Jujube juice shop is busy, deputy director Zhang Xinbo said, in the case of shortage of staff, prolong the work time, stimulate the work potential, especially the use of concentrated jujube juice production line, production workers staggered around, on both sides to mobilize, to ensure maximum production needs.
Market sales unpopular degree more than in previous years over the same period, the sales of Wang Xiaoyan have a clear account: the last time she open the list any whether production orders or sales invoice, all from her here. Compared with the same period in previous years, this winter out of the shipping list has two characteristics: one is a small list of special. With the Taobao store, Tmall flagship store and the financial system of online sales platform opened, the electricity supplier sales gradually increased, mostly ten, tens of dollars a small list; another is the big list more, such as COFCO, Wahaha jujube, perfect concentrated jujube juice, ranging from a few tons, more than 10 tons, dozens of tons, and every month to send a few times. In addition the export list, whether it is dry jujube, jujube, jujube juice or high-end health products are hundreds of dozens of tons.
Derun this winter is indeed a bit busy, more sales orders, only the busy production workshop, busy production, other departments naturally busy. Behind all this, what a busy word? Is a reflection of the development strategy of the group, leading the development of the right law implementation strategy of the Derun administration, all staff's effort to see the effect. Also proved that the development of enterprises has entered a healthy, vigorous fast lane.

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